Roku HD1000: trympegdecode: a simple use of MPEGDecoder

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This is a command-line program for the Roku HD1000. It was primarily written just to see if I could get the MPEGDecoder class to take data at all, so it's not very fancy. But it does let you specify which PIDs you want to play, which should make it useful when investigating playback of a particular TS.


trympegdecode [options] < inputfile.ts

It expects a transport stream on standard input. Press the Exit button on the front of the HD1000 to stop it.


Note that PIDs can be specified in decimal (33), hexadecimal (0x21) or octal (041).


Displays some help text

-pcrpid PID

Specify the PCR pid to use. By default I believe the decoder will use the video PID.

-vpid PID

Specify the video pid to be displayed. The default is 33.

-apid PID

Specify the audio pid. The default is no audio.


Indicates that the audio is AC3 format. The default is otherwise.


Indicates that it should loop the input file repeatedly. The default is to only play once


trympegdecode-2004012501.tar.bz2 [3K]
trympegdecode-2004012501.tar.gz [3K]
trympegdecode-2004012501.tar [20K]

A tarfile containing the sourcecode. See the README file within for more information.

trympegdecode-2004012501.mipsel.bz2 [61K]
trympegdecode-2004012501.mipsel.gz [66K]
trympegdecode-2004012501.mipsel [223K]

A precompiled HD1000 executable.



Initial release.

Dave Dodge dododge/at/dododge/dot/net